Happy Birthday to Shower Curtain HQ! October 22 2014

Happy birthday to us….www.ShowerCurtainHQ.com went live on October 27, 2013! Wow, it is amazing how fast a year can go by! We are still a small company but we have BIG plans our second year! We will be adding our OWN exclusive designs that we will sell on additional sites like Amazon and Houzz.com. We will advertise more to get the word out that SCHQ is THE place to get the most unique shower curtains! We will also be making YouTube videos so you can learn more about our products and company. We will continue to give great customer service and do everything we can to leave EVERYONE in a good mood. It has been a fun year, but we are no longer a baby company, we are now a toddler company which means that we will throw fits when we don't get our way and that everything is 'MINE!' (just kidding)