Owl Shower Curtains! October 27 2013

According the my favorite research tool {Market Samurai}, about 95 people per day search for "owl shower curtains." Owls are everywhere these days. Jewelry, kids clothes, wall decals, all types of home decor, key chains...you name it.

Why are owls so popular? There are a great number of guesses out there. Some think Harry Potter is to thank for the wide spread popularity. It is also a well known fact that owls represent wisdom...remember that commercial where the wise old owl was asked how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? It was three by the way.

Even though owls seem trendy now, their popularity is nothing new. Remember your Greek Mythology class in high school? Yeah, me neither but Athena, the goddess of wisdom had an owl as her symbol. With their big eyes owls can see in the dark...maybe in the uncertain times we are currently living in, we need to feel like we too are able to look into the darkness and find our way. Perhaps if you are one of those people that thrives at staying up late, you can relate to the term 'night owl.' Or do we all just envy how owls can turn their heads all the way around and we cannot?

For whatever reason owls are everywhere, I hope you love the owl shower curtains at Shower Curtain HQ as much as we do.


top photo http://whitelarkspur.tumblr.com