Shower Curtain HQ curtains that have 2014's Hottest Colors July 12 2014

Top Woman's Pantone Colors for Spring 2014 offer several shades of blues, purples and oranges, just to name a few. One of the many great advantages about grabbing a shower curtain at Shower Curtain HQ is that you are getting a great work of art with an array of colors that will match the hottest colors of the season. It is easy to use your shower curtain as a starting off point to design the color scheme of your bathroom. Because these curtains are so vibrant and have such a wide array of colors to begin with, most curtains look great next to white walls. However, it is fun to add an accent wall or add colorful accents like picture frames or colorful vases that show you are keeping up with the latest color trends…


This color is very close to the "Facebook" blue and ranks first for woman's fashion for spring of 2014.


Here are just a few choices you have from our collection that would bring this gorgeous color into your bathroom…




Violet Tulip is a soft purple that gives a vintage feel. This color is ranked #2 for hot spring colors in woman's spring fashion. This member of the purple family is very flattering to most skin tones…


This romantic shade would give a very calming effect to any bathroom. Take your pick…




Yes, another member of the purple family, but with more pink undertones, this color is loved by the First Lady and Kate Middleton. One has to wonder if those pioneers of fashion are up to date on the latest trends or are they setting them. In home decor, this color looks awesome with lime green or a steel gray. 



We all know that trends are always changing. But the good news about these beautiful shower curtains is that once these colors become last season, there are other colors in the artwork that will be the new hottest color! 


Other Places You Can Find Shower Curtain HQ... December 30 2013

We have been working hard, getting the word out about Shower Curtain HQ! We want you, and everybody else for that matter, to be able to find our beautiful shower curtains quickly and easily. Here are a few places you can find us (besides our website of course):

Facebook baby! 

SCHQ does have a Facebook fan page. We love all the likes and all the shares. Even if you are not ready to purchase one of our unique shower curtains just yet, if you "Like" us, you will be updated on the latest news and new products once they are added.

Very Pinteresting...

For a while, I was just "pinning" all the products from SCHQ to my personal Pinterest account. However, a few weeks ago, a business account for Shower Curtain HQ was set up. If you are as addicted to Pinterest as I am and you follow SHOWER CURTAIN HQ on PINEREST, I will be happy to follow you back. I am all about win-win situations if you know what I am saying. Also, if you want to really rock my world, REPIN THE CURTAINS YOU LOVE THE MOST!

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Ok, so this is only like the most AMAZING Interior Design website on the planet. Shower Curtain HQ does have a professional account set up so you can add our unique shower curtains to your "idea books" if you like. The site is evolving into somewhat of a social network where you can follow people and other people can follow you. It is free to set up an account and you can download a free app on your phone to get MILLIONS of pictures for inspiration on all things home and garden. WARNING: this site is very addictive once you check it out!


First Sale Shout Out!

I also want to take this opportunity to recommend an awesome podcast that mentioned Shower Curtain HQ! is a blog by Andrew Youderian about running online businesses. He does a podcast that comes out every Friday and it is an awesome resource for anyone interested in running an eCommerce store. When Shower Curtain HQ made it's first sale, I emailed Andrew thanking him for all the great content he gives away on his podcast and blog and on this podcast, he gave a "First Sale Shout Out" to SCHQ! Andrew does not need to do this on his podcasts, but I am glad he does. Andrew, if you ever read this: Thanks again! You really encouraged a new entrepreneur.