Pulling Back the Curtain on how Shower Curtain HQ is Run… March 07 2014

Hello everyone!

I LOVE when people are transparent about how they run their businesses! Therefore, I want to let you know that Shopify is the company I am using to run

Truth be told: I am NOT a tech savvy person. Shopify made it so easy to set up this site that I felt like I was missing something. I picked out a theme, uploaded my pictures and content and BAM…online business!

If you ever wondered about starting your own online store I can tell you I have nothing but good things to say about Shopify thus far. The customer service is fantastic too. I also like how it is a one stop shop for everything you need. A few years back, I started a different business using a different company for my site and I needed to get so many other things like a shopping cart and a merchant account and an SSL certificate and it got really confusing. With Shopify everything is included which makes it easy. Cool, huh?

By clinking on any of these links, you can check out Shopify and they do have a free trial offer for 14 days. I am an affiliate for Shopify so I would earn a commission AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. If you do not want me to earn a commission, don't click any of these links. It's cool, no hard feelings :-) but I still recommend them. Also, if you have any questions abut my Shopify experience, e-mail me at and I will be happy to help any way I can!